A Christmas Carol Amadeus Publicity Still Doubt The Memorandum The Memorandum 2012

A Christmas Carol

Lamplighter’s Theatre Co
Photo by Ken Stilger

Amadeus Publicity Still

Blackbird Theatre Co.
Photo by Reed Hummell


Pull-Tight Theatre
Photo by Three Wishes Photography

The Memorandum

Act 1 Theatre
Photo by Elaina McKnight Shaver

The Memorandum 2012

Act 1 Theatre
Photo by Elaina McKnight Shaver

Happening Now!

Emory has relocated to Los Angeles, CA to work in entertainment business! She is currently available for performances and speaking opportunities - click here to submit a booking inquiry!


Movie Fun - The Identical

Emory was a part of the movie The Identical starring Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd and Seth Green. She was interviewed on set for a recent webisode - click here to view.


Latest Music Video

Emory as the quirky receptionist in the Big & Rich "Cheat on You" music video now on CMT! Click here to view!



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